Let's Dance - Five Visually Captivating Music Videos

Still from Lea Porcelain - Similar Familiar Video

Still from Lea Porcelain - Similar Familiar Video

Music Video's To Get Your Creativity Flowing

Published: 23/06/17

As designers, our inspiration can come from literally anywhere or anything. In this day and age there are countless ways to try and get in touch with your creative side, from architecture - materials - books - videos, the list can go on.  In our studio music is a staple, and so we’ve compiled 5 visually captivating music videos that we love to watch to get our creativity flowing. In all of the videos below, the colours are visually captivating, themes are simple, and all have fluid transitions, keeping our eyes locked on the screen.

Bjork - Pagan Poetry (Official Video)

Directed By - British Fashion Photographer Nick Knight 

*This video contains scenes of nudity

This video traces Bjork’s body in extreme close up before zooming out to reveal her standing topless in an elaborate dress. The flow back and forth from animation to the artist’s body are smooth and almost seamless

Explosions In The Sky - The Ecstatics (Official Video)

Directed By: Hayley Morris

This director uses traditional animation techniques such as stop-motion and hand-drawn visuals to tell stories that unfold through layered textures. This stop-animation works perfectly along with the song. 

Max Cooper - Origins (Official Video)

Director: Tim Dee of Rabbit Hole

Such a simple yet complex concept. This video is part of Cooper’s audiovisual show, which examines how everything comes from (almost) nothing - how simple laws create complex, fascinating and beautiful outcomes. 

Lea Porcelain - Similar Familiar (Official Video)

Directed By: Unknown 

*This video contains scenes of nudity

This video shows various shots of a figure dancing/moving. The choice of black and white really adds to the mood. A very DIY feel that’s dark and hypnotic. 

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Official Video)

Directed By: Max Vitali

Robyn, dancing on her own in a warehouse in one take. The camera follows her as she expressively dances around the room. High energy and fun…..not to mention it makes us want to dance in the office!