A Beautiful Stillness


M83 Inspires Architectural Photography

Published On: 21/07/2017

Denmark knows what's up when it comes to design. From Kvadrat - Hay - Bjarke Ingels there's no shortage of impressive work.  So it was no surprise to us to discover one of our favourite photographers also resides here, Copenhagen to be exact. We’re talking about Kim Høltermand, a freelance architectural and landscape photographer and also fingerprint expert in The Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police - definitely didn’t see that one coming.

When he moved into his home the former owners forgot to terminate their subscriptions to several architectural magazines, and so he started reading them. One thing led to another and now Høltermand craves architecture and feels architectural photography is his calling. We agree.

We particularly love his series Church of the Holy Cross designed by Danish architects KHR.   Located in the small town of Jyllinge, Denmark this building was nominated for one of the world's most prestigious architectural awards, the Mies van der Roe award. 

With his use of crisp, clean lines and subtle colours, Høltermand captures the simplicity of the space. The images have a beautiful stillness to them.

“I try not to have people in my images - I like the feeling of loneliness haunting through my work as if the viewer is walking through a desolate city of otherworldly deserted architecture. A kind of apocalyptic architecture noir.” - Kim Høltermand via archinect

M83 - Wait (Official Video)

And not unlike us, Høltermand listens to a lot of ambient and electronic music to get in the mood for a shoot. Sigur Ros, M83, Max Richter, etc are a big inspiration when he’s shooting a series. 

Image featured on the cover of  A New Type of Imprint - Volume 10

Image featured on the cover of A New Type of Imprint - Volume 10

The simplicity and neutral palettes make this photographer's work easy to incorporate into virtually any interior space. Kudos to this man's point of view.

See more of his work here: Instagram - Behance