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Published On: 07/07/2017

Morning coffee is a daily ritual for so many of us. It’s a way to be social and a way to keep us awake throughout the day.  According to a study conducted by the International Coffee Organization: an estimated number 151.3 million x 60 kg bags of coffee are consumed in coffee a year. Ummmmmmm that’s A LOT of coffee. 

Do you ever think about what happens to the coffee grinds after you’ve made that delicious cup of coffee? Most don’t even think about it, and it’s into the bin, and on with the day. Some people reuse the grounds for things like fertilizer, pest repellents, and even exfoliators; but German industrial designer Julian Lechner has come up with an innovate new use - a coffee cup! 

Above: Early attempt at casting the material with plaster moulds

Lechner first developed this idea in 2009 while studying in Italy at the Free University of Bozen. After 4 years of research, he eventually found the right mixture to create a recyclable product that is made from renewable resources only. And it's super durable to boot!

Above: Video showing manufacturing process

Using coffee grounds, plant fibers, wood grains, and biopolymers, a liquid is created that is then injection moulded to create a sustainable cup known as Kaffeeform. One cup and saucer can be made from the waste of six consumed cups of espresso. 

The form of the cup is nothing crazy - a simple, classic cup and saucer, which works for its intended purpose.

We love companies that think about every little detail. Each cup and saucer are packed in individual coffee bags, which makes them an ideal gift.

These cups are making their way into coffee shops and gift shops worldwide. For now, if you’re not in Berlin you can order from their online shop. https://www.kaffeeform.com/shop/ 

Available in Berlin at: Hallesches Haus & Berlin Gift Dept


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