Not Your Average Dentist


Stick & Poke Tattoos Are No Longer Just A Drunken Homemade Tattoo Style

Published On : 29/08/17

Handpoked tattoos have become more and more normalized in recent years. Some of them can be just as impressive as those made by machines, if not more. As it becomes more recognized, so does the work of talented artists out there that are keeping the tradition and origin of body marking alive.

There is one artist out of Black Cat Tattoo - Victoria BC Canada who has his own unique style we are really digging. He goes by the name Welfare Dentist. At first glance, it's almost impossible to tell that his work isn’t done with a machine. 

The line work is so precise and on point, we've never seen anything quite like this before from a handpoke tattoo artist.

His colour palettes are not common in any tattoo style.

The pieces read more like animations than hand drawings and/or traditional flash.

This artist currently has openings for end of October 2017 onwards.




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