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The Gentlewoman Club

Exploring the Everyday Woman – How Today’s Woman Looks, Thinks and Dresses

For those of you who aren’t already in the know, we'd like to introduce you to The Gentlewoman, a biannual magazine that's also a club. 

Launched in 2010, the magazine has a circulation of just under 100 000 worldwide and is a sister publication to Fantastic Man

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Our Perspective

How often do you get to go to a free, interactive exhibition in an amazing old space and get given a camera to freely take all the photographs you desire?  In Berlin you get this opportunity once a year at the Olympus Perspective Playground. With this yearly exhibition, Olympus is aiming to make photography an experience, challenging peoples perspective of reality and future vision. 

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Kvadrat & Adidas Combine Forces

The Adidas Stan Smith shoe is about as simple as a shoe can get. The shoe and numerous variations of the shoe have been around for over 40 years. Most recently, Adidas has linked up with our favourite textile company, Kvadrat.

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Not Your Average Dentist

Stick & Poke Tattoos Are No Longer Just A Drunken Homemade Tattoo Style. Handpoked tattoos have become more and more normalized in recent years. Some of them can be just as impressive as those made by machines, if not more.

There is one artist out of Black Cat Tattoo - Victoria BC Canada who has his own unique style we are really digging. He goes by the name Welfare Dentist.

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Kaffeeform - Coffee Grounds Repurposed

What happens to the coffee grounds after you’ve made that delicious cup of coffee? Julian Lechner has come up with an innovate new use. Combining plant fibers, wood grains, and biopolymers, a liquid is created that is then injection moulded to create a sustainable cup known as Kaffeeform.

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Let's Dance - Five Visually Captivating Music Videos

As designers, our inspiration can come from literally anywhere or anything. In our studio music is a staple, and so we’ve compiled 5 visually captivating music videos that we love to watch to get our creativity flowing. In all of the videos below, the colours are visually captivating, themes are simple, and all have fluid transitions, keeping our eyes locked on the screen.

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Share The Luv

toi toi toi luv- a blog to promote design, objects and creative experiences. Topics encompass Design, Architecture, Exhibitions, Lifestyle and Events.  Our goal is to provide sui generis content, to influence, and to start conversations.

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