Losing Our Marbles


CGI Loops Put Us In A Trance

Published On: 08/08/17

Instagram is a great way to discover new people, places & things. It’s a great source of inspiration for almost anything. Through this medium, we kill time on the subway, research new product and as of late, watch endless videos.  We recently discovered a playful CGI series by Swedish motion graphics artist, Andreas Wannerstedt. 

Video Above: Dancing Marbles

These videos have a great combination of colours and textures. The loops put us in a trance while we follow the marbles from A - B - C - A - B - C ….

Video Above: The Salmon Run

Video Above: Half-pipe Roulette

Video Above: Half-pipe Madness

We're looking forward to seeing what comes next from this fabulous mind. 


About the artist: Andreas Wannerstedt is a graphic designer and motion graphics artist currently living in Sweden. He has worked with companies such as Adidas, Ikea, P.Diddy & Coca-Cola.

Check out his Instagram for more fun stuff.